Saturday, July 16, 2011

Teen Girls and Sports Injuries

Knee injuries are more ommon in young girl athletes for several reasons. Girls have thinner ACLs, which support leg spins. The small notch on in their knees have a guillontine effect on the ligament when it goes into extension. They also put their ACLs at risk because they fire thier quads more than their hamstrings putting more pressure on the knee. Girls knees are also aligned differently than boys, causing inreased stress on them. Mothers tell your daughters to focus on technique and proper body mechanics to reduce injuries. ACL tears take 6 to 9 months to get bak to your sport healthy. BE CAREFUL!


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    Sorry to hear that, here is a little info on the subject. According to the National Stroke Association, folic acid,vitamins B6, B12 play a vital role in stroke prevention and recovery. A B-complex may be more helpful, as the B vitamins work well together. L-glutamine is also helpful to get back normal muscle and body function. This may be because they lower the levels of certain chemicals in the blood which are thought to leave a person more vulnerable to heart disease and stroke.