Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Short On Exercise Time, Jump Rope

We would love to spend an hour or two dedicated to transforming our bodies, but sometimes we just don't have the time. My alternative is jump rope. This is a full body workout that burns more calories than and has a higher cardiac output than indoor cycling, elliptical, and jogging at a moderate pace on the treadmill. 15 minutes of jump rope is the equivalent to 20 moderate minutes on the treadmill, 25 minutes on the stationary bike, and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Try it, you will feel the difference!


  1. Thats good to know. Being a mom, I dont always have the time to hit the gym! Now where did I put that jump rope.........

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)