Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hooray for the Onion

20 grams fresh onion three times per day. Preliminary trials and at least one double-blind trial have shown that large amounts of onion an can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. The mechanism of onion's blood sugar-lowering action is not precisely known, though there is evidence that constituents in onions block the breakdown of insulin in the liver. This would lead to higher levels of insulin in the body.


  1. Interesting fact about onions! I don't have diabetes and don't plan on getting it, but good to know none the less! Happy FUn Tuesday!

  2. Also they taste delicious :). Great blog, I'm a happy new follower!


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  5. They are also good at keeping your co-workers away from your desk! LOL! Love onions!

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  6. Hi! Thanks for linking up to Welcome Wednesday this week! I absolutely love onions. Good fact to know if I ever end up with Diabetes! Thanks again!