Sunday, August 28, 2011

Got Goat's Milk?

For people with intestinal disorders, goat's milk has the potential to heal. Whereas cow's milk requires three hours to be absorbed, goat's milk requires only twenty minutes. Goat's milk protein molecules are half the size of cow's milk making it easier absorbed through the small intestine. In comparison to cow's milk goat's milk is: less allergic, it doesn't as readily produce gas or bloating, it is not mucus forming, it is a rich source of the mineral selenium, and it is also high in medium-chain fatty acids that inhibit Candida.


  1. very interesting. I knew your body broke it down easier- assuming due to medium-chain fatty acids (at least thats the reasoning behind coconut oil breaking down quickly), didn't realize the ration was 20 min to 3 hours- crazy!
    So where do you find goat's milk? I have yet to come across it. Dare I ask how it tastes?

  2. @Lisa J You find goats milk at your local Vitamin Shoppe Chain, Trader Joes, or Whole Foods. Believe or not the taste isn't all that bad!

  3. Good to know! Thanks for the info. And thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop.

  4. very interesting! i have a hard time digesting cow's milk, so i do try to stick to goat as much as possible. and goat cheese is soooo tasty :)