Thursday, August 18, 2011

Workout Plan for Moms

Burn Calories doing everyday chores faster. Always wear your workout gear around the house, it keeps you motivated and you have to get your workout in whenever you can because of time constraints.
Complete with the kids, see who can sweep leaves faster or clean a room in the smallest amount of time. Have yard runs fence to fence. If there are multiple kids get creative and start a relay race. Find a park or track around the house and stroller trot with other moms. Start a fitness challenge among friends, this keeps you accountable and motivates you when no one else is around. Don't walk up the stairs run up the stairs. Add a few extra laps on the stairs when doing chores or chasing the kids around. Pace walk, instead of strolling through the grocery store to burn extra calories. Do extra laps with the kids at the mall when shopping.
Don't forget strength training
Have fun, do push-ups and lunges with one of  your kids on your back. This is great for working out and the kids have a lot of fun as well. Try lunging every time you bend over to pick up toys or clothes around the house. If you have smaller kids, use them for your resistance training. For example: hold your baby close to your chest like you normally do, while performing squats. Use them as a medicine ball for abs (they really get a kick out of this one). Sitting in an up-right position with your feet flat on the ground, perform a sit-up or crunch and kiss them every time you come up. Another great workout is leg raises, this can be done by lying on your side and lifting your leg. To up the intensity keep it below your shoulders and hold it in place. Flex your foot as well, it helps. Get the kids to count for you.
Arm workouts
To keep those nice tone arms or get the arms you lost, try starting off with arm circles. Hold you arms out to the side at shoulder height and proceed with circular motions. You can raise the intensity by making them bigger and smaller. Do this for about a minute or more if you're comfortable. Holding a small weight in both hands is another great way to up the intensity. Start off slow, you don't want to hurt your back or shoulders. Arm curls are great too with light weights. Hold your arms by your waist and raise them in a smooth motion flexing the biceps. Do multiple sets max of 10 reps or as much as time will allow. Triceps dips are an awesome arm workout: place you arm on the seat of the chair with feet flat on the ground and bend 90 degrees at the elbow. Extend your legs all the way out for more resistance. Do 3 to 4 sets and 8 to 10 reps.
Remember to be creative. Your entire house is a gym and every chore or movement can be an exercise with intensity, speed, and resistance. Don't forget to include everyone including the husband, kids, neighbors, pets, and other family members. HAVE FUN!


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  2. I try to do push ups and crunches while we are watching TV as a family. Wherever I can fit it in...even if I have to bike ride with my kids or take them out for a run w/the jogging stroller. It's hard for moms to find time!